I am more than honored to have a say, in regard to Dr. David Shafer. He is definitely, “THE MAN,” for the job. To make a long story short, a general surgeon repaired the umbilical hernia but the plastic surgeon of his choice backed out because she thought it might be too much pain for me to endure at one time and to come back in a month. This went on for 5 months, I thought to myself, “Is there something wrong with me? Can this be corrected, cured or repaired?” I prayed to God because I’ve been depressed, crying, unable to do daily activities and mostly tied to my bed due to the pain. There were many times I thought about going to the emergency room but I knew, they would back out as well, while sending me home on pain med’s and I’m very picky when it comes to doctor’s. The last fearful doctor that cancelled on me told me he did not want to do the surgery because I was in pain. Isn’t that the purpose of surgery, in order for a person to become whole or restored back to their most current healthy, painless condition in nature? After the umbilical hernia, I was pain-free in the umbilicus. Anyway, he told me to go back to my first doctor to have him do it because he should have repaired it in the first place after performing my umbilical hernia. I had no choice but to take his advice and go “back,” to the general surgeon, who refused to see me. In desperation, I had to beg for an appointment, while at the same time he referred me back to the plastic surgeon of his choice, again. I did make the appointments with the both doctors but in the meantime, I hated the torture! I was in agony and no one cared. I googled: “Top General Plastic Surgeons in New York,” Dr. David Shafer was at the top of the list and I was given an appointment on the same day I was to see the other plastic surgeon. I went to see her and she was still just as edgy as the first general surgeon about the surgery but they both agreed to perform it as soon as they could get a date with the hospital. I left her office and went straight to Dr. Shafer’s office 20 blocks away. While sitting in the waiting room, it was if I had the jitters to run because I thought I was going to be wasting my time again with another doctor who was doubtful about my dilemma. I was actually going to run out but only God kept me in the seat and by that time Stacey (staff) came through the door with a warm greeting and a caring smile asking me to come with her. I was soooo nervous, I couldn’t run backwards and my feet continued forward, I couldn’t understand it. She bought me back into a plush suite and I was seated again. She made me feel comfortable but when she walked out, the jitters to run started again, then in came Dr. Shafer with the most handsomest, caring and confident smile. I was honestly taken aback because he was smiling without hearing my reason for being there! I explained everything to him, gave him the results from prior doctors along with the MRI and he stated, “Don’t worry, everything will be just fine.” I was shocked because, not only was he caring, but he actually chased my jitters away without realizing I was frantic in the beginning. This was an enigma because here I was looking into the eyes of a doctor who acted like he was 100 years old on the inside with such an ancient wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I had to ask him how old he was and how long he’s been doing this. He didn’t tell me his age (chuckle) but he told me he been in his profession for 8 years, but he’s does this kind of work all of the time and women with my condition who come in with a lot of pain are just fine after surgery. He also reassured me that he’s been told by prior caesarian section patients that their pain was actually worse than what I’m having done. I have to state, by this time, I was sold, whipped out my credit card and was ready for a surgery date the following week. Dr. Shafer called me the day after surgery to see how I was doing, I told him that I was feeling GREAT!!! I don’t feel like a new person, I am a new person!