A “chiseled” or more prominent jawline is now possible without surgery, thanks to Juvéderm Volux™. In New York City, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer regularly provides Volux and other filler treatments to patients looking to increase volume, enhance facial contours, and achieve a range of other cosmetic goals.

What Is Volux?

Volux is an injectable dermal filler in the Juvéderm product line. All Juvéderm fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a gel-like substance already naturally occurring in the body. However, Volux features a slightly thicker formulation of HA, along with butanediol diglycidyl (BDDE) and lidocaine hydrochloride.

This thicker consistency makes Juvéderm Volux™ ideal for targeting the lower jawline and chin for more noticeable results. The inclusion of lidocaine hydrochloride in its formula allows for a comfortable injection experience.

Am I a Good Candidate for Volux?

Dr. Shafer frequently uses Volux to treat men who desire a more defined jawline and chin. However, both men and women over the age of 21 can be eligible for Volux! The many applications for this treatment are:

  • To create more proportional and symmetrical jaw contours
  • To improve a recessed chin without surgery
  • As part of a comprehensive facial sculpting procedure that includes other fillers and injectables

During your consultation, we’ll review your allergies and current medications to ensure that Volux is a safe and practical choice for you. If you already have another procedure planned with Shafer Plastic Surgery, we may be able to coordinate these treatments for your convenience.

What to Expect During a Volux Session

During a Juvéderm Volux™ session, we’ll mark the jawline and precise injection locations. The formula is then administered through a series of injections into the skin, under the soft tissue and above the bone. The skin may be slightly massaged to work the HA into the tissue and allow for the most even distribution possible.

What Happens After a Volux Session?

Volux is an in-office procedure with a minimal recovery period. If you are receiving it as a standalone treatment, you can head home immediately after.

We recommend avoiding the gym and heavy lifting for at least 24 hours or until any minor swelling or redness subsides. Your aftercare instructions will provide specific details about restarting shaving, makeup, and other skincare routines.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

The volumizing power of Volux may produce visible improvements within a week of your injections, though full results may not be evident until after about four weeks. Patients typically opt for follow-up sessions every six months to a year to maintain a consistent appearance.

How Much Does Volux Cost?

The cost of Volux is similar to that of other Juvéderm products and varies based on the extent of your treatment and how many sessions are scheduled. Price details will be discussed with you when planning your facial rejuvenation protocol.

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Learn More About This Exciting New Filler!

Dr. David Shafer is proud to offer Volux in New York City for patients who want to enhance the appearance of their chin and/or jawline. Contact Shafer Plastic Surgery today for more information or to schedule your initial consultation.

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