A noticeable or large scar can be the source of unwanted attention and can cause some to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with their appearance. At Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue in New York City, we offer scar revision for patients with large, pronounced, and noticeable scars that want to reduce the appearance of their scars so that we can help them feel more comfortable with their appearance.

What Is Scar Revision?

Scar revision refers to a variety of topical treatments, injectable products, surface treatments, and surgical procedures that can be performed to help reduce the appearance of large or noticeable scars on a patient’s body. The goal is to minimize the appearance of the scar so that it does not draw unwanted attention, or its appearance easily blends with the surrounding skin.

Options for Scar Revision

There are non-surgical and surgical options for scar revision. During your scare revision consultation, plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer will examine your scar and ask you about what your goals are for the procedure in order to determine the best approach for your scar revision.

Topical treatments for scar revision

There are a variety of topical treatments available for scar revision that can be effective for treating discoloration and can aid healing and wound closure. Options include external compression, gels, and tapes.

Injectable treatments for scar revision

Some scars may be depressed or concave which can make them more noticeable. Injectable fillers provide a way to add volume and fill in these areas of the scar. These injections can last from around three months to several years and can be performed again when needed to maintain the results provided.

Steroid injections are another option that help to reduce the production of collagen as the overproduction of collagen can cause scars to become raised, increase their size, or alter their texture.

Surface treatments for scar revision

These treatments offer a way to address visible issues on the surface of the skin caused by scars, as well as discoloration. Surface treatments often involve removing layers of skin and other tissue. Options include:

  • Laser treatments
  • Dermabrasion
  • Chemical peels

Scar revision surgery

If the scars are deep, surgical methods may need to be applied to properly treat the issue. Local or topical anesthetic may be used. The scar tissue in the area will be excised to allow room for new tissue formation and the wound will be properly closed using advanced techniques to ensure it heals properly to minimize and potential scarring.

Scar Revision Recovery

Non-surgical scar revision options do not require a recovery period, though the treated area may be sensitive for a period of time. Surgical options may require some downtime depending on the location of the scare and the extent of the surgery.

Scar Revision Cost

The cost of scar revision varies based on the type of treatment performed. Dr. Shafer can discuss the price of each option during the consultation process.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue today to schedule a consultation for your scar revision procedure. Dr. Shafer can address any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

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