Common cosmetic issues like acne can be remedied with the help of LED light therapy. It’s a safe and reliable way to keep the face clear, youthful, and vibrant. More details about exactly what LED light therapy in New York City involves are available when patients get in touch with Shafer Plastic Surgery.

What Is LED Light Therapy?

At its core, LED light therapy is a cosmetic solution that uses a light-emitting diode to direct light energy into the patient’s skin. This light penetrates deeply into the layers of cells and tissue. It’s a method that is based on the ability of LED light to promote healing by stimulating the growth of cells.

There are different ways to conduct LED light therapy, which includes varying colors of light and the use of a wide range of cosmetic products. Creams and ointments are often part of treatments to address problems that go from hair loss to sun damage.

Good Candidates for LED Light Therapy

Patients looking for effective solutions to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis would be good candidates for LED light therapy. This treatment option can also help with acne, rosacea, minor wounds, and wrinkles. In rare cases, patients with superficial basal cell carcinoma can turn to this treatment, as well.

Your Consultation

Dr. Shafer will be asking patients questions during the consultation for LED light therapy. Their medical history will be brought up, along with the symptoms that are causing them concern. The options available to them will then be explained, along with the process that they can expect. If patients have any questions about the treatment, this would be the best time to bring them up.

Your Session

Each case can involve different steps taken during the sessions for LED light therapy. For example, patients who require only superficial treatment will likely only need blue light. In cases where the cosmetic issue is deeper, however, the use of near-infrared LED light treatment would be the likely option. To help facilitate better results, the use of topical products will also be included.

LED Light Therapy Aftercare

During the recovery period following the LED light therapy session, it’s crucial for patients to stay out of the sun. This will last for several days, depending on the scope of the treatment and the type of light that was used. Applying sunscreen is highly recommended.

How Much Does LED Light Therapy Cost?

The cost of LED light therapy would depend on a few factors that can be discussed during the consultation. Prices differ from case to case.

Set Up a Consultation

For more information about LED light therapy in New York City, patients can contact Shafer Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation today.

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