At Shafer Clinic in New York City, earlobe repair surgery is a procedure we perform. The first step is to learn more about the procedure, followed by a consultation with Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer.

Earlobe repair is a commonly requested procedure. There are several issues that arise with the earlobes. a) Misplaced earring hole(s). b) torn earlobe (complete or incomplete). c) fat atrophy with aging.

With earlobe repair, the earlobe(s) are addressed based on their underlying issue. Most earlobes can be repaired under local anesthesia in a quick office visit. Sutures are removed one week later and re-piercing if necessary is performed several weeks later.

For patients who want to add volume back to their aging earlobes, fat grafting for injectable fillers are fantastic at rejuvenating.

Cost of Earlobe Repair in NYC

The cost of getting earlobe repair surgery in New York City can vary. During your consultation with Dr. Shaer, he will be able to discuss with you the costs and his recommendations.

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Dr. Shafer strives to deliver the best earlobe repair surgery that New York City has to offer. Call us today to schedule a consultation with him in his Manhattan office.

Botox & Fillers & Ear Lobe – Refreshed & Rejuvenated

5 5 Star Rating

Very calming person. Listens to your concerns. Makes suggestions and discusses a plan. We did little botox, filler for my eyes, forehead, earlobes, and neck. I look fresh, alive, happy instead of worn out and over it. I trust his injection style – he seemed extremely comfortable and experienced.


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