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Volux for Men – Get the Jawline of Your Dreams

Having a more defined, chiseled, and sculpted jawline has often been considered a masculine trait. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the genes for this physical feature. For those who don’t want to simply settle with what they were born with, Volux for men is an excellent injectable option. This filler treatment is one of […]

Dermal Fillers Promise to Make Us Look Younger and Fresher. But Only if Used Correctly

New York plastic surgeon David Shafer says he’s ordering three or four times more Juvéderm Voluma XC than prepandemic in 2019 and injecting on average 100 to 150 syringes a week.PHOTO: FERNANDO GOMEZ / TRUNK ARCHIVE “Trout pout” is a term used to describe a common effect of too much dermal filler: when, because of […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before Butt Augmentation

More is more when it comes to the butt, if the recent spate of butt implants, lifts, and injections is any indication. Butt augmentation, which enhances the shape and size of the buttocks, happens via two main methods: fat transfer, as in the case of the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, and gluteal implants. Less […]

I Lost 85 Pounds. What Happens to My Skin Now?

Plagued by the prospect of excess and loose skin, one writer investigates the surgical and noninvasive options that lie ahead. I have lost 85 pounds without bariatric surgery. Weight loss has been on my mind basically my entire life, most especially since I started this journey in earnest in July 2019. And, as proud of […]

What Is the Most Exciting Possibility for the Future of Penile Enhancement?

Experts on the neural, educational, and surgical possibilities. “Vagina-nomics” became a recognized market trend in 2016. As advertising agency JWT Intelligence then put it: “female sexuality—once euphemized or ignored—is now taking center stage across multiple industries.” If the vulva has been ignored and overcomplicated, the penis has arguably been oversimplified. Yet sexual wellness and industry […]

TIME OUT WITH… Dr. Dendy Engelman

From a new white clinic atop New York City’s skyline, Dr. Dendy Engelman is a sight for fixed eyes: attractive, petite, kind, and full of Southern charm and sass. She is her own best advertisement and one of the city’s best cosmetic dermatologists, with a clientele that keeps her booked months at a time. Engelman […]

Face Fillers: Your 2022 Guide to the Cost, the Before-and-Afters, and the Pain

o, you’re thinking about getting face fillers. I love that for you. As a beauty writer of several years who’s borderline obsessed with the fascinating world of cosmetic injectables, I fully support your decision on all things filler—whether you’re getting under-eye filler, cheek filler, lip filler, chin filler, nose filler, whatever—as long as you do […]

Adult Star Ray Dexter Boosts His ‘Brand’ with Penis Fillers

Male model in jeans

The nonsurgical procedure promises a “significant increase” in girth using naturally derived ingredients. In a recent interview [NSFW] with Davey Wavey, adult performer Ray Dexter revealed that he had undergone a nonsurgical procedure to enlarge his penis. Although the adult star was naturally well-endowed, Dexter decided to undergo the Shafer Width and Growth procedure in […]

Want Glowing, Luminous Skin? Try a HydraFacial—Here’s Everything You Need to Know About

Glowing skin is always in. But if you deal with skin issues like acne, under-eye circles, extra oily or super dry skin, it can make it hard to accomplish the perfect balance. But one of the best skin care treatments you can get to achieve that healthy, luminous skin is a HydraFacial. What is a […]

What Is Buccal Fat Removal, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Given the popularity of cheek implants and filler, the thought of removing fat from your cheeks for aesthetic purposes might be perplexing. But buccal fat removal, another common procedure, promises more sculpted cheeks resulting from a strategic fat excision. While buccal fat removal has been around for years, it’s gained more attention recently. Google trends […]

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