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A Real Slap In The Face

Michelle Park stops by Shafer Clinic to try the practice of face slapping with Master Aesthetician Edyta Jarosz. Outlet: NBC New York Title: A Real Slap In The Face Impressions: 5,989,498 Click here to read original article.

The Most Pivotal Moments in Plastic Surgery From the Past 15 Years (Plus Predictions for the Next 15)

In 2006, we set out to create a world where anyone can read honest reviews, see real before and after photos, and connect with qualified doctors. Now RealSelf is 15, and a lot has changed since we launched. This month, we’re looking back at industry trends that have shaped where we are—and where we’re going. […]

Expert-Approved Tips for Reducing the Appearance of Acne Scars

Acne is never fun. To add insult to injury, these blemishes can also have lasting effects, even long after the bumps themselves are gone. Dermatologists call these marks acne scars or hyperpigmentation, depending on the type of spot. And while every iteration requires a specific treatment, with the right game plan, scar reduction (and even […]

The 24 Best Skin Care Tools to Achieve a Post-Facial Glow At Home

As the tech and beauty worlds continue to innovate, the increasing hype surrounding at-home skin care tools and devices has soared. Previously considered ineffective and costly gimmicks, at-home devices have matured over the years — with powerful gadgets and treatments like LED lights and microcurrent tools that were once reserved for doctors now available to […]

Dr. David Shafer on FOX Houston

Dr. David Shafer on FOX Houston | Illegal BBL

7 Key Recovery Tips to Getting the Best Fat Transfer Results

There are several different procedures that have emerged as ‘catch-all’ justifications for someone suddenly looking a whole lot different, though perhaps none is as readily floated as ‘fat transfer.’ Tabloids and social media users alike often refer to the surgery when speculating what kind of nip or tuck a celebrity may have undergone—who would say […]

Brotox: Why more men are going under the needle

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein often used for medical and cosmetic purposes; Botox is only one of the commercial trade names for the protein, but it is arguably the equivalent of Xerox within its industry in terms of brand recognition. Botox injections are the No. 1 cosmetic procedure requested by men, with 473,354 treatments […]

Are Butt Thread Lifts A Non-Surgical BBL Alternative?

Collagen-stimulating threads may be the newest way to get a booty boost, but are they better than tried-and-true butt enhancement treatments? The experts weigh in. For celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, the Kardashian sisters, and Beyonce, the idea that bigger is better is true when it comes to the buttocks. From bootylicious backends to perfectly plump […]

Is It Time For You To Try A Lip Peel?

Is it just us, or does it seem that every month a new product comes onto the market touting some type of AHA, BHA, PHA, enzyme, or physical exfoliator? As much as exfoliation is amazing for sloughing off dead skin cells, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing hyperpigmentation, and even minimizing the number of breakouts […]

Why Do Our Skin Care Habits Need To Change? Check the Climate Stats

If the gravity of climate change weren’t already abundantly clear, last month crystallized it. It was the hottest month in history and the most devastating wildfire season yet. As if that weren’t enough, a new UN report basically said that there’s a whole lot more where that came from. This is really bad news—and we’re […]

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