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Shafer Plastic Surgery Blog

Make Sure Your Lip Balms All Have This Absolutely Essential Ingredient

Before you swipe on that summery peach or hot pink lipstick and skip out the door into the sunlight, don’t forget an important step: SPF. A brim hat, sunglasses, and the like can only help you so much. And yes, we know you know to wear SPF every day. Even in the winter. What you […]

There Are 2 Types of Wrinkles — Here’s How to Treat Both

Anyone who has studied their face in a magnifying mirror might be guilty of over-analyzing — nit-picking at wrinkles, clogged pores, discoloration, and other aspects we may consider to be “flaws.” First of all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having these so-called imperfections. The filtered faces we see on Instagram are just that: filtered. We’ve […]

Anti-Aging Tips To Steal From Your Girlfriend

As board-certified plastic surgeon David Shafer, MD, FACS explains, washing your face, exfoliating and moisturizing regularly makes a huge difference in the youth of your pores. “It’s amazing what a simple exfoliating scrub can do for the skin appearance in terms of smoothing the texture but also stimulating collagen at the microscopic level. Moisturizing is […]

Senté Illuminé Eye Cream

What is Senté Illuminé Eye Cream? David Shafer, MD: Senté Illuminé Eye Cream is the latest addition to the Senté skincare line with Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA). HSA works at the cellular level to trigger rejuvenating processes within the skin. Clinically this is seen as improved skin texture, skin color, and overall skin appearance. The […]

Instagram Is Changing How People Get Cosmetic Surgery

Apps such as Facetune, Instagram and Snapchat are not only part of the mainstream cultural landscape – they’re also inspiring the latest trends in cosmetic surgery. At the intersection of technology and beauty lies a new reality where you can change the way you look with a click of a button – or, more accurately, […]

Breast Asymmetry

Dr. David Shafer of Shafer Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in New York City gave us the lowdown on differing breast sizes (technically called asymmetry). Shafer confirmed that this problem is totally normal and “most patients have about 15 to 20 percent asymmetry in terms of breast volume.” Often the nipples, breast creases and breast […]

What Is the Lip Lift? Experts Explain the Plastic Surgery Procedure

The path to enhancing your lips for more than bee-stung-second used to be found behind door number one (injections) or door number two (actually, there are also injections behind this one). But now, more folks are choosing to unlock door number three — the lip lift. To read the full article on Allure.com, click here.

What It’s REALLY Like to Get a Penis Enhancement

I have always wanted to have a more appealing penis. Most of my life, my penis was considered average, maybe slightly above average, but only when I was erect. So somewhere along the line, I started to think: “OK, how do I go about getting that?” I have several female friends who have gone through […]

8 Expert-Approved Ways to Prevent and Treat Razor Burn

Sunny days, warm nights, and baring a little skin just go together — unless, of course, you have razor burn. Whether you’re rocking vintage Levi’s cutoffs, stylish swimsuits, or breezy summer dresses, having toned, tanned, and smooth skin is a must. For our bikinis, underarms, and legs, hair removal can come with some risks. Depilatory […]

How Do You Really Beat Summer Sweat?

Picture this: you’re on a date, or a job interview, and just as you’re trying to be your most engaging droplets of sweat make their way from your forehead down your check. At that moment, you lift your arm to seamlessly wipe it away, exposing your sodden underarm. This comes shortly after you arrived late, […]

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