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Vaginal Reconstruction New York City

Intima CO2RE laser

Everyone in New York is loving the Intima® treatment. Many women are born with large labia, but women can also develop this condition overtime as they age or after pregnancy. Enlarged labia can cause embarrassment with a sexual partner and in some cases cause chronic irritation or general discomfort in women who want to wear fitted clothing.

CO2RE Laser
Intima® is a unique, laser therapy for incisionless, non-invasive tightening of the vaginal canal. Clinical studies have shown that Intima® is an efficient, easy-to-perform, and safe procedure. The indication for Intima® is vaginal relaxation syndrome, which is the loss of the optimum structural form of the vagina. This condition is generally associated with overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth as well as with natural aging.

What can you treat with CO2RE?

  • Acne Scars
  • CO2 Resurfacing
  • Fractional Resurfacing
  • Scar Treatment
  • Women’s Intimate Wellness – Vaginal Treatments
  • Wrinkles

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