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CELLSTORY is one of the only skincare systems powered through breakthrough Microspear® — microscopic liquid microneedles.


CELLSTORY PLUS Meso-Care is a professional — only eight-step skincare program that utilizes innovative Microspear®, which can be described as liquid microneedles, to awaken the skin’s energy. The Microspear® microneedles go through a 13-step purification process and are delivered deep into the skin, helping to exfoliate naturally to restore glossiness and vitality.

These naturally derived microneedles create channels in the skin for ingredient penetration and rejuvenation of skin appearance. This process is intended to eliminate the pain, bleeding and irritation sometimes associated with cosmetic treatments, and to remove potentially unsanitary tools from the treatment process. After 72 hours, skin naturally exfoliates the microneedles as it quickly regenerates skin cells.

Key Benefits

Clinically proven to:

  • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles, specifically on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes
  • Soften the skin’s appearance
  • Brighten the skin
  • Deliver bouncy, healthy, and glowing skin
  • Unclog pores for a healthier, clearer appearance

20x finer microneedles than a microneedling stamp

Suitable for all skin types

CELLSTORY Plus Meso-Care Program

Key Ingredients

  • Microspear® — activates energy in the skin as a micro-stimulation
  • Yellow Calming Complex — reduces skin redness
  • 20 Amino Acid Complex — provides energy and nourishment
  • 3GF (EGF/IGF/FGF) — contains three growth factor proteins to care for your skin

Why is it Different?

CELLSTORY’S key point of differentiation is its patented core ingredient, Microspear®, which contains 50,000 unique microneedles derived from freshwater-grown sponges.

Great Job!

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“Really a great job, your technical skill knowing the location and volume provided a very smooth and balanced result”


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