For those struggling with a little extra padding around the abdomen the Shafer Clinic now offers a non-invasive treatment to precisely target heat into the fat layer while protecting the surrounding skin. Using the next generation BTL Vanquish ME, Dr. Shafer, a local aesthetic plastic surgeon provides patients attractive and natural body contours across the entire abdominal area and thighs without surgery or downtime.

What is BTL Vanquish?

BTL Vanquish Maximum Energy (ME)  is FDA-cleared for circumferential reduction of the waist and thighs, and is a breakthrough system that restores a waistline and body contours without surgery or downtime — a big plus for busy moms who can’t take time out from the daily demands of a new baby.

Unlike other devices that use a point source of energy, BTL Vanquish ME works by using a panel array to treat the entire “core” in one application. Rather than coming into direct contact with the skin, the focused radiofrequency device hovers above the treatment area — a first in the aesthetic industry. The result is a slimmer waistline with natural looking body contours.

Does it hurt?

Patients note that the entire BTL Vanquish ME experience is very relaxing – without any pre-or post-procedure preparations or medication. In fact, many women liken treatment to a hot stone spa massage for the belly. To achieve optimal cosmetic results, Dr. Shafer recommends four to six 45-minute treatments with good hydration and walking exercise to speed the metabolism.

BTL Vanquish Before
BTL Vanquish After

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