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What is MediThread?

MediThread is a powerful synthetic fiber. PDO threads have a lifting effect ion the face, neck and body. The suture consists of a mono-filament that is hydrolyzed after a given time in the tissues.

Why does it work?

Based on the implant of mini threads, creating a net to sustain the cutaneous tissue is a rejuvenation technique that results in an immediate lifting effect and stimulates the natural production of collagen. This stimulation causes skin rejuvenation, making your skin younger, more elastic, and brighter.

Is it painful?

PDO threads are not all made equal. MediThread makes a difference by making their needles more flexible, allowing them to curve with the face. This provides the patient with a virtually painless procedure.

Are PDO Threads absorbable?

Yes, they are completely absorbable. By the insertion of PDO threads yopu are stimulating and promoting circulation which makes your skin want to heal itself naturally and creates new collagen.


MEDiTHREAD needles have the same outer diameter of traditional needles but having a bigger bore (inner) diameter allowing patients to feel less pain and makes the needle more flexible so easier to place in not even surfaces.

Having a bigger bore allows for a thicker thread to be placed in the needle and gives more space to retract the needle without thread catching. This is why MEDiTHREAD needles are the best!

Cheeks roughness, 3 months result
Neck lift, 6 weeks result

Marionette lines, 6 weeks result
Decollette, immediate result

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