Reconstruction with implants.

At Shafer Plastic Surgery in New York City, breast reconstruction is one of the most highly regarded procedures. Following a mastectomy, Dr. Shafer begins the reconstruction process by placing a tissue expander beneath the muscles of the chest wall. The patient then receives a series of injections of saline into the expander as an outpatient until the desired breast size is achieved. The expander is then removed and a permanent implant, either silicone or saline, is placed. This procedure can take up 1 year to complete.

Reconstruction with the patient’s tissue.

Breasts can also be reconstructed using a patients tissue. Usually, the transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous TRAM muscle is used with the overlying abdominal tissue. The TRAM is rotated into position or may require a free flap a microvascular connection of the vessels for positioning. Other tissue that can also be used include the latissimus dorsi from the back or the gluteal muscles from the buttocks.

Reconstruction of the nipple and areola.

After initial surgery with either an implant or the patient’s tissue, the nipple and areola can be reconstructed. A mound of tissue is made from nearby skin to create a nipple, which is then surrounded by tattooed coloration.

Recovering from Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The length and difficulty of your breast reconstruction recovery will vary based on the type of procedure being performed and the extent of work performed. Swelling, pain, and bruising are to be expected. Pain and discomfort can be managed with medication. Our team will provide you with a list of post-operative instructions. Follow-up visits will be scheduled to ensure your recovery goes smoothly.

Cost of Breast Reconstruction in NYC

The cost of breast reconstruction surgery in New York City can vary based on several factors. As an experienced New York City breast reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Shafer will meet with you in his Manhattan office to go over the details of the procedure and the expected cost of the surgery. Insurance may cover some of the cost of your breast reconstruction surgery. Our team can also go over all of the payment options available to you.

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