At our practice in New York City, otoplasty surgery or ear contouring is a commonly performed procedure. Projecting ears or asymmetric ears can be troublesome for patients — including children. Dr. David Shafer is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon and ear contouring specialist. Dr. Shafer and our team at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue can provide both adults and children with the surgical care they need to correct any issues they may have with the appearance of their ears

What Is Ear Contouring?

Ear contouring, which is also known as otoplasty is a procedure to set back the ears, so they are less prominent. Each patient is different, and the procedure is customized to the individual patient. The procedure is performed under local and/or IV anesthesia.

Dr. Shafer’s expertise is what makes him among the best to perform an otoplasty. Manhattan residents can depend on Dr. Shafer and our entire team at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue.

Ear Contouring Candidates

If you have large ears that noticeably protrude from the sides of the head, you are a good candidate for ear contouring. Ear contouring surgery can be used to correct a number of issues with the ear, including malformations and deformities due to genetic conditions as well as damage caused to the ear.

Otoplasty can be performed on children with large or protruding ears that are a source of bullying and ridicule. However, patients will need to wait until their child is at least five years old before surgery can be performed. This is to allow the ears to stop forming to prevent further development from affecting the results provided and to allow the child to determine if the appearance of their ears is an issue for them.

Ear Contouring Recovery

Otoplasty takes around two to three hours to complete depending on the amount of work needed to accomplish the desired results. Once the procedure is complete, the ears will be bandaged with special wrappings and the head will be wrapped as well. These bandages will provide the ears with protection during the recovery period.

There may be some swelling and discomfort. Patients will need to avoid sleeping directly on the ears during the recovery process as this can cause discomfort and can affect the results of the procedure. It will take around three days before patients are able to resume a majority of their normal activities. It can take up to several weeks before the ears fully heal, and the final results can be seen.

How Much Does Ear Contouring Cost in NYC?

The cost of ear contouring surgery or otoplasty in NYC can vary based on several factors. Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue offers financing options with CareCredit to help patients pay for their ear contouring. Dr. Shafer will meet with you in his Manhattan office and can discuss payment options with you during the consultation process.

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