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EdytaEdyta Jarosz was born in Poland and graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering, however her strong passion for Skincare pushed her to study Cosmetics, and Skincare in the Polish Institute of Cosmetic Science of Krakow, where she graduated with honors, then obtained her Advanced Master Diploma from the International Confederation of Beauty-Cosmetic School CIEFEC in France. Edyta has since worked and trained in aesthetic/therapeutic facial massage in Poland, France, Japan, and the U.S. She is certified in Sculptural Face Massaging Techniques including Intra-Oral techniques, Kobido Japanese massage, Gua Sha and Lymphatic Drainage.

Edyta Jarosz was also the Global Brand Ambassador for MDNA SKIN, luxury skincare by Madonna. She created treatment protocol for the brand, including facial massage techniques for global markets and helped in launching MDNA SKIN products in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and North America.

Edyta Jarosz is also an International Senior Educator for Raja Medical. She has developed techniques for the OxyLight Multimodality Devices and represented Raja Medical at many events including the Oscars 2018 Events, the 3rd International Medicine of Anti-Aging Aesthetics Congress (IMAAC ZIYALAN), the 2019 Annual Conference of ISPA, and she presented a Master Class on how to incorporate technology in facial treatments for maximum results for Skin Care Professionals at IECSC in New York.

Edyta’s knowledge and passion for skin care has enabled her to maintain a bespoke and renovated international skincare treatment practice and protocols. Over the years she has created a skincare signature technique combining various modalities of technology and massage. Her true passion for skincare is always pushing her to learn, explore, modify and create new ways of skincare routine and treatment customized to fit each skincare type needs. Edyta reputation for her “magic hands” has enabled her to maintain a strong loyal follower, nationally in the USA, and globally among her international clientele. Edyta is always happy serving her clients wherever they are with passion, she is keen to offer help with their skincare needs and delighted to serve them professionally with full integrity.

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