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Eyelid Lift / Blepharoplasty New York City

Blepharoplasty removes excess skin and fat in the upper or lower eyelid.

Blepharoplasty may be done alone or in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures.

Upper Blepharoplasty is one of the most common procedures to rejuvenate the face.

What to expect

The surgery is done most commonly under local anesthesia often with intravenous sedation medication. Sometimes surgery is performed under general anesthesia, particularly if combined with other larger cosmetic procedures. Blepharoplasty is often performed on an outpatient basis, although occasionally an overnight hospital stay may be recommended if surgery is performed in conjunction with other procedures. Bruising and swelling are common following surgery, and application of cold to the surgical sites is generally recommended following surgery. A postoperative visit is required three to four days after surgery to remove any sutures.

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