AviClear™ Machine

The AviClear Laser System is indicated for the treatment of mild to severe inflammatory acne vulgaris.

The Cutera AviClear is a 1726 nm laser system. The AviClear system includes a handpiece with chilled sapphire window and placement sensors.

Acne PhysiologyAcne Physiology

What Causes Acne

  • Sebaceous glands are attached to each hair follicle.
    • Produces sebum (oily substance) which lubricates and protects the hair and skin.
  • During puberty, hormones called androgens increase the size of the skin’s sebaceous gland.
    • These glands can make too much sebum, which can clog pores.
    • Pores become plugged with sebum(oil), dead skin cells, bacteria (C. Acnes), causing eruptions of the skin.
    • These blockages produce blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and other types of pimples.

Acne Mechanism of Action

  • The purpose of the treatment is to selectively treat the sebaceous glands without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • 1726 nm preferentially downregulates the sebaceous gland while other anatomies remain intact/protected. The sebublasts (outer wall) are protected while the sebocytes are damaged.

Types of Acne

Comedones Acne

  • Blackheads (Open Comedones): Open comedones on the skin that fill with excess oil and dead skin.
  • Whiteheads (Closed Comedones): Closed comedones that remain closed by oil and dead skin.
Papules Acne

  • Red, raised blemish on the skin’s surface with no whitehead
Pustule Acne

  • Red, inflamed blemish with a white head
Nodules Acne

  • Large, inflamed blemish that are hard-to-touch and deeper in the skin.
  • Typically, more painful.
Cystic Acne

  • Very large, inflamed blemish that are soft and fluid-filled under the skin’s surface
  • Can be very painful.
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