As the most popular cosmetic treatment in the United States, Botox Cosmetic has proven to be an effective way to address crow’s feet, brow creases and a range of other aesthetic issues. Though Botox has been a safe option for more than 35 years, the application process is still improving. Today, a new delivery method, known as AQUAGOLD fine touch, is giving cosmetic patients a reason to smile.

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AQUAGOLD fine touch is a new technology that helps surgeons provide more balanced, natural-looking results. Unlike a dermal roller, which delivers a solution by rolling needles on the skin, the new device comprises 20 small needles that are only 130 micrometers, or 0.13 millimeters, wide—thinner than a human hair. These painlessly penetrate the epidermis, allowing the doctor to deliver Botox or a different biologic at consistent depths, just below the epidermis.

Dr. Shafer of Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue in New York is pleased to offer AQUAGOLD fine touch technology. He’s a double board certified surgeon and was selected as an Aesthetic Surgery Fellow at the Manhattan Ear, Eye & Throat Hospital, one of the field’s most prestigious accolades. To schedule a consultation, contact Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue at 212.888.7770.

Why Does AQUAGOLD Fine Touch Have Cosmetic Surgeons Raving?

The secret to this new technology’s success is its innovative design. The drug or biologic actually moves around the needle before transferring to the patient’s skin. This eliminates the risk of bruising, pain and swelling. In fact, AQUAGOLD fine touch is poised to influence a range of medical treatments, including the application of vitamin complexes and anti-aging growth factors.

In cosmetics, the new technology is allowing surgeons to apply Botox in small, precise droplets, which offers a greater level of control. Patients leave the office happy, glowing and absolutely rejuvenated.

How Does AQUAGOLD Fine Touch Deliver the Solution?

The microneedles painlessly create tiny pores within the skin. The Botox solution travels down the sheaths, transferring through a screw threading and into the small pores.

According to the manufacturer’s website, AQUAGOLD fine touch not only prevents the product loss associated with dermal rollers, but it also allows the surgeon to provide a more precise treatment to the target area. Also, dermal rollers may cause microscopic, tangential tears, but AQUAGOLD’s perpendicular application prevents this risk.

Comprising stainless steel, the 20 small needles maintain structural integrity and provide consistently stunning results. This also allows for exceptional biocompatibility, which prevents allergic responses or irritation that other metals may cause.

Dr. David Shafer Spearheads Innovation in Cosmetic Surgery

Since Dr. Shafer first began his surgical training, his research on surgical techniques and patient healing have been published in some of the most renowned scientific literature. With the introduction of AQUAGOLD fine touch to his practice, he continues this dedication to uninterrupted progress and improvement.

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