mom and me botoxI was 22 years old when I got Botox for the first time. While I felt confident in my choice, my mom was nervous about me doing something to my face (which she literally made) that she had never done before. Let’s just say her brows were raised–pun intended. At 52 years old, my mom had never even gotten a facial, let alone Botox. So you can imagine my surprise when one day she asked me, “Does Botox hurt? Do you think I could try it?”

My mom is like the older sister I never had, we share clothes, watch Love Island together, and send each other dog memes on Instagram. Being the oldest child of three, we have always had a special bond. When she asked me about Botox, I told her not only could she try it, but that I would get it with her. She deserves the best treatment and I was excited for her to try something that makes me happy and my skin even happier.

My doctor, Dr. Shafer, has made all of my experiences super easy, painless, and enjoyable–so I knew he’d give my mom the same TLC. His office on Fifth Avenue in New York City is like walking into a skincare palace. I made an appointment with him for mother-daughter Botox, and we couldn’t wait to receive the royal treatment.

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