There’s no denying Secretary of State John Kerry has come a long ways since his days as a Massachusetts Senator, but lately, Kerry’s been looking a little different. His face seems a bit fuller and wider, which could all just amount to stress, allergies or illness. But we – and apparently America in general – can’t help but wonder if the change is the result of plastic surgery.

Rumors have been going around that the politician got a little work done. Some speculate he’s had a face lift, others think he got Botox injections. But when asked by the Boston Herald to shed some light on the speculations, Kerry’s spokesman, Glen Johnson, was pretty clear about letting the world know that the Secretary of State did not have plastic surgery.

“No. End of story. That’s not a denial, that’s a fact,” said Johnson in response to the John Kerry plastic surgery rumors.

Yet, it wouldn’t be the first time a famous figure has denied having any work done. Though many more celebrities and political figures are coming clean about their plastic surgery past, not everyone wants to admit they went under the knife, especially someone with a position of stature like Kerry.

As a man, Kerry might also be less inclined to admit he had work done because of the stigma behind it that some people refuse to overcome. While most plastic surgery patients are women, over the years, an increasing number of men have sought treatments like liposuction, Rhinoplasty, facelifts, and Botox to improve the way they look and feel about themselves.

Celebrities like former Olympian and current reality TV star Bruce Jenner has had Rhinoplasty surgery and two facelifts throughout his career, singer Barry Manilow also admitted to having two facelifts, and of course, the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson also had several plastic surgery treatments.

These days, plastic surgery is more common than anyone can imagine. Men can benefit from plastic surgery in many ways, not just cosmetically. Plastic surgery procedures like Rhinoplasty and liposuction can improve a patient’s health just as much as they can improve their physical appearance.

Millions of both women and men have gotten some kind of plastic surgery procedure to improve their appearance, and there’s absolutely no shame in that. Owning your surgery and your results is a lot better than denying the obvious transformation. Plus, the public likes to see an honest politician. Kerry would most likely get tons of brownie points if he admits to having plastic surgery than if he would just deny it over and over again.

It’s not too late for Kerry to admit he had plastic surgery – if he really did have surgery to begin with. Truth is, he really could just be getting older or he may really just be sick and puffy from allergies. The difference in his appearance could even be attributed to a bad makeup job or Photoshop. There are endless explanations to choose from.

In the end, plastic surgery is a very personal decision and not everyone is comfortable in admitting they’ve gone under the knife. But if the rumors are true, NY plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer and all of us here at Shafer Plastic Surgery would like to say kudos to you, John Kerry. You have our support.