Honestly, they’re so powerful

Women are now going to plastic surgeons to get rid of their resting bitch faces, because apparently some women want to look less “like a sourpuss” and more approachable. According to one plastic surgeon, the requests for this type of surgery have “more than doubled” in the past year alone.

The New York Post ran a story on Monday featuring one such woman, Hope Davis, who went to surgeon Dr. David Shafer to have her RBF transformed into a “pleasant resting look” after she saw photos of herself looking angry during a party. In the before-and-after photos, it looks like she’s frowning in one photo and smiling in the other, and maybe that’s worth the $500-$5,000 that this procedure can costs, but also maybe it’s not? Because who cares about looking happy all the time, including when you’re not all that happy?

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