I have always wanted to have a more appealing penis. Most of my life, my penis was considered average, maybe slightly above average, but only when I was erect. So somewhere along the line, I started to think: “OK, how do I go about getting that?”

I have several female friends who have gone through breast augmentation. I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, but I am sure they face pressure to look like the perfectly styled, airbrushed images of femininity you see in magazines. I think we’ve evolved so that we talk about that problem today.

In my opinion, we don’t really do the same for men. How your penis looks — its size, girth, whether it’s circumcised or not — is supposed to portray a man’s virility. Men look at theirs and wonder, “Am I masculine or not? Is it big enough? Will it perform?” I would say the porn industry most often shows well-endowed men, so I think that also influences how certain people view penis size.

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