As the face-lift’s popularity continues to soar, its fans are getting younger. “Some patients start inquiring about the procedure in their 30s, but most often, it’s a good choice in the 40s, as the surgery tends to be less extensive [when done earlier in life], and the results can easily be maintained with injectables to very natural effect,” says David Shafer, a plastic surgeon in New York City. Call it the new face of prevention. “The most common comment I hear from older patients after having a face-lift is, ‘I should’ve done this 10 years ago,’” he adds. Beyond the plain-and-simple fact that younger bodies heal faster, Gen-Xers can typically manage the required off-time just as easily as their AARP counterparts, says Shafer, resuming work duties from home a few days post-surgery and returning to the office a week or two later.

Graceanne “The Skin Saviour” Svendsen

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