It’s no secret that harsh winter weather and indoor heat can wreak havoc on your skin. While switching to rich moisturizer proves helpful, for those who really want to tackle the conditions head on, now is an ideal time to invest in a professional facial treatment. Treating a slew of issues, from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and dullness to dehydration, a good facial leaves skin soothed and smoothed. But it’s important to be mindful of what a professional is applying to your skin, as well as how they’re treating it, ensuring you don’t worsen any sensitivities. Here, trusted dermatologists and aestheticians recommend the best winter facials, plus what you should avoid during colder months.

Book: An anti-aging facial

This is especially true if you already have a habit of booking regular facials, says Karen Asquith, the national director of education and lead aesthetician for G.M. Collin. “Anti-aging facials should be maintained throughout the winter, as the reduction of moisture in the skin could lead to an increase of visible lines and wrinkles,” she explains. These facials typically involve a thorough cleansing followed by an alpha hydroxy acid treatment to remove the buildup of dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin, causing dullness and uneven texture.

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