They’ve got their eyes on the size.

Guys are swarming plastic surgeons to have their genitals pumped up, doctors and patients tell The Post.

“It’s very, very popular,” says Dr. Norman Rowe, a board certified plastic surgeon and owner of Rowe Plastic Surgery on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side, who charges anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000 for the phallic fillers. “The numbers are up 25% over last year, and I do about 30 a month.”

Although penis enhancement surgery has existed in the shadows for decades, p-shots — package-plumping fillers, typically made with hyaluronic acid — are now taking off among lesser-endowed dudes of all ages, says Rowe.

Paul, a finance guy who preferred to only use his first name, says it was “curiosity” — not insecurity — that inspired his inflation.

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