Sylwia Wiesenberg loves butts. Specifically, her own butt. As a child growing up in Poland, she would stare at her backside, impressed with how its shape moved and flexed with every step. “I never, ever stopped thinking about it,” she told The Daily Beast.

After college, Wiesenberg became a sales trader for UBS. She would do squats at her desk while making calls. “My boss would tell me that it was a little bit weird, but I didn’t want my ass to ever be flat,” Wiesenberg said.

The obsession was strong enough to compel her to quit the world of investment banking and start a booty-centric fitness method called Tonique. Fourteen years later, Wiesenberg is still at it: “If I had to speak truly from my heart and had the opportunity to switch my ass on my face, I would do it,” she confessed.

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