Dr. David Shafer of Shafer Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in midtown Manhattan, announces the acquisition of the Vbeam® Prima™ Laser System by Candela, an advanced 595 nm pulsed dye laser (PDL). With the addition of a 1064 nm wavelength and a number of other new features, the Vbeam Prima device will effectively treat a broad range of skin conditions, including rosacea, port wine stains, acne, facial, leg and spider veins, scars, benign pigmented lesions and wrinkles, warts, stretch marks and photo aging. ­

“In a clinical study1 using the Vbeam Prima laser system, facial redness and rosacea symptoms were significantly reduced from moderate to mild after four treatments,” said Dr. David Shafer. “I am extremely excited about the new enhancements, especially the 50% greater power enabling a 15 mm spot size, both contact and spray cooling, once-a-day calibration and extended dye life thanks to a complete re-design,” Dr. Shafer added.

The Vbeam device is a highly efficient PDL used by healthcare providers all over the world to treat a variety of indications for both face and body with high patient tolerability and a low incidence of side effects. The Vbeam laser has been long considered the “gold standard” for the device based treatment of rosacea, and has also been successfully used for the treatment of port wine stains and vascular anomalies in infants, as well as adults. It is currently used in nearly 700 universities and hospitals worldwide, and has been included in hundreds of medical publications. The new Vbeam Prima laser system builds on that legacy of success by offering advanced features that will help physicians and their patients achieve better results, along with an improved treatment experience.

Dr. Shafer and his Senior Esthetician, Graceanne Svendsen, LE, CME will begin treating clients using the Vbeam Prima laser system in November 2019. To schedule a consultation, please contact Graceanne Svendsen at Graceanne@DrShafer.com.

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