In honor of the iconic injectable, Allergan has announced that November 20 will mark the first-ever National Botox Cosmetic Day. Botox Cosmetic is the first and only neurotoxin FDA-approved to temporarily treat three areas in adults: moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines and glabellar lines.

“Botox Cosmetic has revolutionized the beauty industry. Not only is it the safest, most effective and least downtime treatment one can have, it’s also the most cost effective in terms of results and duration of action over all other beauty treatments. There is no comparison,” raves David Shafer, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon and international peer trainer for Botox Cosmetic and the Juvéderm Family of dermal fillers.

November 20 is the busiest day on record for booking Botox Cosmetic treatments in the U.S., so the goal of this one-day event is to give back to loyal customers while engaging with those considering a treatment ahead of the holidays. The brand is offering an exclusive “buy one, get one” offer: For every $100 gift card purchased on November 20, clients will get an additional $100 gift card while supplies last. Botox Cosmetic will also partner with actress and New York Times best-selling author Jenny Mollen as part of the celebration encouraging people to own their look and take time for themselves.

“Since its approval for cosmetic use, millions of people have received Botox, and there are still millions more who want to try it. National Botox Cosmetic Day is meant to celebrate this iconic product that has become a part of American culture and educate consumers who want to learn more,” says Carrie Storm, senior vice president of marketing for U.S. Medical Aesthetics, Allergan.

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