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What Is Gommage? We Explain The French Exfoliating Method

Let me share an all-too-familiar scenario that continues to happen to me time and time again. I land upon a new skin care trend that’s taking over social media and the internet, do my research to make sure it’s not insane or dangerous, and then I try it. Well, just when I become slightly obsessed […]

The Pandemic Spurs At Home ‘Aesthetic Treatments’ With Disastrous Results

Would-be patients frustrated by COVID-related plastic surgery practice closures risk permanent damage if they try to DIY with unregulated or incorrectly administered alternatives. In spring of 2020, when New York City was an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, plastic surgery practices, like many other medical offices in the region, closed their doors temporarily to promote […]

Behind The Mask: How Face Coverings Are Influencing Aesthetic Trends

In this time of COVID-19, face masks have become an accessory we don’t leave home without. Over the summer, that led to a rise in requests for aesthetic procedures that address the eye area (think: blepharoplasty, brow lifts, under eye filler). While experts predict those procedures will maintain their popularity in 2021, plastic surgeons and […]

Gwen Stefani Once Joked About How She Got a ‘Face Lift’ Without Going to the Doctor

Gwen Stefani is an award-winning musician who has been in the music industry for decades now. She started her career as a teenager, and now she is 51 years old. However, fans notice that Stefani still looks the same as she did many years ago. When mentioning Stefani, the topic of plastic surgery often gets […]

Top Plastic Surgeons Reveal What’s in Their Post-Op Recovery Kits

It’s the surgical equivalent of a swag bag—the post-op recovery kit, flush with products aiming to prep and repair skin surrounding surgery; vitamins, to relieve bruising; wellness-boosting snacks and sips; and all manner of scar-improving agents. While many surgeons provide these goodies gratis—as part of their surgical fee, really—for others, these are merely as-you-wish recommendations […]

Cosmetic Treatments Men are Getting Now

These Are the Cosmetic Treatments Popular With Men Now The shift to video calls and at-home life has caused an unexpected acceleration in an already-emerging trend for men: cosmetic treatments of all kinds are more popular than ever. Male cosmetic procedures rose 29% between 2000 and 2018 and the pandemic simply spurred more men to […]

What Does Beauty Means to You in 2021? 8 Beauty Experts Share

“The events of 2020 have shifted focus to a more holistic concept of health and beauty. People are paying attention to their inner wellness, family, mental health, and taking care of themselves. While beauty tended to be manufactured and programmed in the media, the new Zoom revolution is giving people a behind the scenes look […]

How Being a ‘One-Stop Shop’ Helps a New York City Plastic Surgeon Thrive

“When I opened my practice I didn’t have any money or any experience with a steady stream of clients. I got 10 no-interest credit cards, then maxed them out to buy furniture and pay rent. I was able to pay them all off in one year. I took a gamble,” says double-board certified (surgery and […]

Mother-Daughter Botox

I was 22 years old when I got Botox for the first time. While I felt confident in my choice, my mom was nervous about me doing something to my face (which she literally made) that she had never done before. Let’s just say her brows were raised–pun intended. At 52 years old, my mom […]

Erica Luo’s video is live on TikTok!

Shafer Clinic wants to share that our partner Erica Luo’s video is live on TikTok! Within her video, Erica shows off the “super high-tech” NuEra Tight device, as well as the waiting room and city views at Shafer Plastic Surgery. She even shows the sanitizing station in the office to ensure viewers that they are […]

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