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How To Get Younger-Looking Knees

There are a host of head-to-toe treatments that can lift, shape, and enhance different parts of the body, and the legs are no different. However, the most commonly discussed leg procedures tend to focus on the thighs, calves, and feet, while missing one major area: the knees. Due to their unique position on the body, […]

9 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Lip Injections

Whether it’s a side effect of selfie culture or Kylie Jenner, one thing is certain: lip augmentation has never been more popular. Dermal fillers have been used for more than four decades, and other forms of lip enhancement, like silicone implants, have been around even longer than that. Today’s lip injections have come a long […]

VBeam Perfecta: Everything You Need to Know

Skin discoloration can be one of the peskiest things to treat with skincare products, as no one is really in the business of waiting for improvement if they can help it. Enter VBeam: a beauty treatment from Syneron Candela that targets discoloration and pigment issues via a vascular pulse dye laser, as David Shafer, MD, […]

Combination Contouring Treatments

Combination treatments offer optimal outcomes for patients seeking fat reduction and body contouring procedures. When a patient seeking body contouring or fat reduction comes in for a consultation, they usually have a specific procedure or device in mind. Many people hear about the benefits of liposuction, radiofrequency, muscle stimulation or other aesthetic procedures, then do […]

The Next Best Thing To Botox — For People Who Can’t Go Under The Needle

As beauty treatments go, very few have received the kind of rock star status of Botox. It enjoys the same single name recognition as the likes of Cher and Beyoncé — it needs no other introduction, and has come to stand for an entire category of excellence. It’s the little neurotoxin that could. In fact, […]

The Complete Guide to Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Injectables

When it comes to your wedding, there’s no denying that there are many (many) logistics and planning to be done ahead of time. And while it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, your pre-wedding beauty prep plan definitely requires a little foresight and dedicated attention. No matter whether you’re figuring out […]

The Best Procedures For Men To Consider After 50

By the time men reach their fifties, visible signs of aging are, well, visible, and those changes to the skin, hair, and body continue into the sixties and beyond. Here, top doctors share their treatment tips. When should I start getting Botox®? Is it time to incorporate retinol into my skincare routine? What is a […]

The 4 Best Bakuchiol Skincare Products for Fighting Off Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It’s finally happening: Even after a good night’s rest that fresh face of yours is looking — well — a little less fresh. You can’t really call them “laugh lines,” anymore: They’re just plain wrinkles. Still, just because nature is catching up with you doesn’t mean you have to go down without a fight! There […]

Brazilian Butt Lift: Examining The World’s Most Dangerous Cosmetic Surgery

Oh my God, would you look at her butt? When Sir Mix-A-Lot released his 1992 smash hit, “Baby Got Back”, not even he could have imagined the increasing demand for bigger backsides almost 30 years later. In fact, what was once ridiculed and mocked has now, having bigger butts, has now spearheaded the demand for […]

Coming Of Age: The Best Procedures For Men To Consider In Their 30s

When should I start getting Botox®? Is it time to incorporate retinol into my skincare routine? What is a “mommy makeover”? How about a “daddy do-over”? Do I really need to, as the saying goes, sacrifice my butt for my face? Should I swap my temporary dermal fillers for something a bit more permanent? When […]

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