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The Perfect Peel

What Is the Peeling Skin Trend You’re Seeing All Over Instagram? If you’re obsessed with skin care trends, you’ve probably seen the Perfect Derma Peel posted all over skin care blogs. And it’s hard to miss — the Perfect Derma Peel is all about the peeling. View this post on Instagram One of my favorite […]

How to Get Rid of Smile Lines: Best Treatments, Creams, and Natural Ways

Smile lines are wrinkles or folds that occur between the nostrils and the corners of the mouth. These lines, also known as parentheses, typically start showing up in our 20s and 30s when our collagen production slows down and the skin becomes thinner. Fortunately, collagen loss and the appearance of these lines can be delayed […]

Firm, Soft, and Perky: The World of Butt Wellness

Sylwia Wiesenberg loves butts. Specifically, her own butt. As a child growing up in Poland, she would stare at her backside, impressed with how its shape moved and flexed with every step. “I never, ever stopped thinking about it,” she told The Daily Beast. After college, Wiesenberg became a sales trader for UBS. She would […]

This Is What You Need If You Want To Age Like J.Lo

j-lo skin

If there’s one statement that’s practically indisputable, it’s that J.Lo hasn’t aged in the last 20 years. Seriously, she looks the same now as when she filmed Jenny From The Block back in 2002. And if you want to age as gracefully badass-ly as J.Glow, you need to work collagen into your daily regime, ASAP. […]

17 Ingredients Causing Your Angry, Inflamed Skin

We don’t need to tell you that anything other than smooth, hydrated, glowing skin is a nuisance. No matter if the issue is acne, rosacea, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or some other form of flaking or inflammation, it’s frustrating, uncomfortable and can often impact self-esteem in serious ways. While the solution isn’t always as easy as […]

This Is What It’s Really Like to Get a Hydrafacial

A few months ago, I met a friend for dinner. “Your skin looks amazing,” I said, leaning closer. It looked radiant and freakishly smooth, like that of J.Lo at two months old. “I got the HydraFacial,” she replied. I was sold on the spot. What also intrigued me was that it doesn’t hurt. My pain […]

The Best Facials To Get When It’s Cold Outside — And What to Avoid

It’s no secret that harsh winter weather and indoor heat can wreak havoc on your skin. While switching to rich moisturizer proves helpful, for those who really want to tackle the conditions head on, now is an ideal time to invest in a professional facial treatment. Treating a slew of issues, from fine lines and […]

What is anal bleaching – and why are people doing it?

Spas offer a lot of below-the-belt treatments: bikini waxes, laser hair removal, vaginal rejuvenation … and now, anal bleaching. Yes, anal bleaching, or as Graceanne Svendsen, the practice manager at Shafer Plastic Surgery and Laser Center in New York City, calls it: unisex intimate bleaching. “Intimate bleaching is extremely popular right now,” says Svendsen, crediting […]

6 best lip plumpers to get bigger lips instantly

It’s safe to say that most of us want a fuller pout. But if you don’t want to go for a medical treatment that involves needles, there are plenty of topical solutions that work, too. That’s where lip-plumping glosses come in! The question is: Do they actually work? TODAY Style asked the experts to break […]

Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Shafer Shares His Own Grooming and Aesthetics Skin Plan

The first thing you notice about Dr. is his smile; it’s big, warm and omnipresent. The second thing you notice about Dr. Shafer, a Mayo Clinic-trained, NYC-based plastic surgeon, is his impeccable skin. You’d expect it from the celebrity plastic surgeon (he has a long roster of celebrities and socialites that he is expectedly tight-lipped […]

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