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Archive for April, 2019

How to send redness on your complexion packing once-and-for-all

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I’ll peer into a mirror midday and see that my skin is aggravated and red. It’s not like I did anything different (that I know of), it’s just that my complexion develops a subtle—and extremely annoying—red hue. But skin redness is very common. It seems like it’s a topic of […]

The Perfect Peel

What Is the Peeling Skin Trend You’re Seeing All Over Instagram? If you’re obsessed with skin care trends, you’ve probably seen the Perfect Derma Peel posted all over skin care blogs. And it’s hard to miss — the Perfect Derma Peel is all about the peeling. View this post on Instagram One of my favorite […]

How to Get Rid of Smile Lines: Best Treatments, Creams, and Natural Ways

Smile lines are wrinkles or folds that occur between the nostrils and the corners of the mouth. These lines, also known as parentheses, typically start showing up in our 20s and 30s when our collagen production slows down and the skin becomes thinner. Fortunately, collagen loss and the appearance of these lines can be delayed […]

Firm, Soft, and Perky: The World of Butt Wellness

Sylwia Wiesenberg loves butts. Specifically, her own butt. As a child growing up in Poland, she would stare at her backside, impressed with how its shape moved and flexed with every step. “I never, ever stopped thinking about it,” she told The Daily Beast. After college, Wiesenberg became a sales trader for UBS. She would […]

This Is What You Need If You Want To Age Like J.Lo

j-lo skin

If there’s one statement that’s practically indisputable, it’s that J.Lo hasn’t aged in the last 20 years. Seriously, she looks the same now as when she filmed Jenny From The Block back in 2002. And if you want to age as gracefully badass-ly as J.Glow, you need to work collagen into your daily regime, ASAP. […]

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