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Here’s What You Should Know About Loose-Skin Surgery

We’re beauty editors, so it’s our job to want answers. And quite frankly, when it comes to plastic surgery, the job isn’t hard—nope, not in the least. From cheek implants to face-lifts to liposuction, our curiosities feel limitless, especially when we stumble upon a treatment that’s slightly more obscure, like, say, loose-skin surgery. In an […]

The “Botox Lip Flip” Is the Latest Trend in Injectables — But There’s a Catch

Lip fillers: They’re everywhere these days. My colleagues have them. My friends want them. Hell, even Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeon knows the injectable hype is real. And with such a demand for plumped-up pouts, cosmetic dermatologists (and plastic surgeons) are now having to craft up out-of-the-box treatments to meet patients’ specific big-lip needs. Take, for […]

Can Preventative Botox Really Stop Wrinkles From Forming?

My friend Dana is a great storyteller. I think it has to do with her eyebrows. They raise as she rehashes Bumble dates, furrow as she recalls interoffice drama. I say all this because Dana, though 26, has a visible wrinkle across her forehead, and her expressiveness—while endearing—is likely the cause. “There are two types […]

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that can be sued to rebuild one or both breasts. The primary objective of the treatment is to restore the appearance, shape, and size of breasts following a mastectomy. However, the procedure does not need to be performed immediately after a mastectomy. It can be done several months or […]

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