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Archive for June, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Dissolving Face Fillers

As it turns out, fillers are kind of like tattoos. (Kind of.) When Courteney Cox mentioned in an interview last week that she dissolved all the fillers in her face, we had one major question: how? For the answer to that, The Lookbook turned to New York plastic Surgeon and RealSelf contributor Dr. David Shafer. […]

Plastic surgeons reveal one of the most common procedures plus-size models get

Just because plus-size models are plus-size, doesn’t mean that they don’t get plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures. Models, even plus-size ones, still feel pressure to look a certain way to maintain their images in a competitive and cut-throat industry. But there is one procedure in particular that may be more common among plus-size women […]

13 Brides Share the Prewedding Skin Treatments That Got Them Glowing

Our very own Graceanne Svendson making wedding day dreams come true Sara Gogolak, former executive recruiter and current stay-at-home Frenchie mom Treatments: VBeam laser and dermaplaning “I decided to focus on my skin and face, since it’s most photographed throughout that whole day. I’ve always dealt with red, sensitive skin (mild rosacea) and I also […]

8 New Sunscreens You Should Probably Know About

While in theory, you’ve (hopefully) been practicing safe sun all year long, now that we’re speeding along into the summer months, there’s simply no neglecting it any further. The reasons for wearing a reliable SPF on a daily basis abound, if not for the incredibly obvious: the prevention of sun damage, which includes “wrinkles, brown […]

How to Fix Annoying Tan Lines Instantly

Body Makeup Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation ($66) When all else fails, reach for foundation, says aesthetician Graceanne Svendsen from Shafer Plastic Surgery. Simply fill in the tan line with a camouflaging foundation like Oxygenetix formula, which comes in 14 different shades and is gentle enough to use on irritated, sun-tanned skin. View the full article on […]

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