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Archive for November, 2013

Kim Kardashian Slams Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian post-pregnancy body has been the topic of debate for several months. It’s only been five months since she gave birth to baby North West with fiancé, rapper Kanye West, but the 33-year-old starlet is shutting down any rumors she’s had plastic surgery to get back into shape. We’ve heard rumors that Kim actually […]

Tax on Plastic Surgery

Here in New York, Dr. David Shafer sees a lot of patients with a desire to improve their physical appearance. But while the Big Apple is one of the top spots in the U.S. to undergo plastic surgery, the number of people getting treatments doesn’t even come close to the number of plastic surgery patients […]

Marilyn Monroe’s X-rays Sell

Last month, we found out Marilyn Monroe had plastic surgery. This month, we find out that X-rays confirming the fact that the blonde bombshell went under the knife were sold at auction for…drum roll…a whopping $25,600. Yep, you heard right. A fan spent thousands on the starlet’s X-rays, but what’s really more shocking, the fact […]

Mother-Daughter Surgery for

Neither Kim Kardashian nor her mother, Kris Jenner, are strangers to plastic surgery procedures. Kim has always been fond of Botox and her mother has undergone a few more invasive procedures, including a face lift and breast augmentation. But in the wake of giving birth to baby North West, has Kim decided to go against […]

Divorce Over Plastic Surgery

Sounds absurd, right? But plastic surgery is at the root of one couple’s divorce proceedings. A Chinese man asked for a divorce from his wife for giving birth to, in his opinion, an ugly baby girl. So, what happened? Well, he sued her – and surprisingly – won! Upon giving birth to the baby, the […]

Heidi Montag Makes Smartest

There are many plastic surgery treatments that may benefit both young and older patients alike. With every age, there is an appropriate treatment. For example, patients in their 20s may opt for Rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum or to improve the overall symmetry of their face. Patients in their 30s may decide on liposuction […]

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