Summertime is here, and it’s hotter than ever in the United States. Most people look forward to summer all year, but it’s important to take precautions before enjoying the sunny weather. Without protecting their skin, people could face many serious problems in the long-run.

Excessive sun exposure can cause more wrinkling on the face and can lead to a spotty appearance. Perhaps more importantly, it can lead to skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that one out of every five Americans will develop skin cancer. More than 2 million people are diagnosed each year.

These are scary statistics, but there are some very easy ways that people can prevent overexposing their skin to the sun. We’ve listed three quick tips below.

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  1. Apply Sunscreen the Smart Way

    Many people don’t think to apply sunscreen every day, and those who use it may not be applying sunscreen correctly. According to Allure Magazine, the best time to put on sunscreen is before getting dressed and taking a shower. That way, people won’t miss any spots while trying to apply it around clothing. Working sunblock into a daily routine is the absolute best way to prevent sun damage.

  2. Don’t Be Fooled by SPF Makeup

    Almost every type of skincare product these days boasts SPF, but it would be a mistake to rely on makeup alone. The inclusion of sunblock is more of a marketing ploy than anything else. In most cases, people would need to apply more than 10 layers of makeup to get enough protection.

  3. Embrace Wearing Hats

    Wearing a wide-brimmed summer hat can add that extra level of protection from the sun; as well, they look stylish on sunny days. Wearing a hat will help prevent sun-related skin issues, especially if you aren’t able to apply sunscreen every few hours as directed.

A Chemical Peel Can Help You Reverse Sun Damage

Unfortunately, there is no way people can completely protect themselves from the sun—short of remaining indoors all day. According to the Smart Beauty Guide, if you notice more fine lines and sunspots on your face, it might be time for a chemical peel. The procedure can target discolorations, wrinkles, acne scars, oily skin and large pores.

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