Aging is a normal part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t push it back for a few years. We live in a world where people don’t need to accept physical attributes that diminish their self-confidence. With advanced skincare products, an evolved understanding of the aging process and new cosmetic treatments, it’s never been easier to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

Most people looking for ways to turn back the clock are older than 30; this is when the most noticeable signs of aging first appear, but a combination of neglect and sun damage can cause people in their late 20s to experience premature aging.

No matter what problems a patient faces, there are most likely treatments that can help. A smart first step is scheduling a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who understands the techniques and procedures that provide natural-looking results.

At Shafer Plastic Surgery, we offer patients a wide selection of treatments that range from cosmetic surgeries to non-invasive procedures. We are committed to helping each client find an option with which they are comfortable—one that will offer optimal benefits. If you are interested in learning more about a cosmetic treatment in New York, please call us at 212.888.7770.

  1. Sun Damage Can Cause Wrinkles, Brown Spots and Leathery Skin

    People who spend a large portion of their youth soaking up UV rays often find themselves going into their 30s or 40s with a sun-damaged face. It can be discouraging to look five or even 10 years older, but there is hope!

    The Skin Cancer Foundation offers several tips on how to start taking better care of your skin. Using daily sunscreen and regularly applying moisturizer can help; as well, exfoliating can reduce some of the uneven appearance.

    Unfortunately, these treatments for damaged skin can’t totally reverse the problem. Today, there’s a new, more effective treatment for sun-related damage and discoloration: laser resurfacing. This process can create a more even and healthy appearance.

  2. Thinning Hair

    As the body grows older, it’s normal for hair to begin thinning in both men and women. In general, it’s normal to lose at least 100 hairs per day, but there are ways to slow the process. For instance, the Huffington Post states that treatments like myoxin can strengthen hair and give it more volume.

  3. Deep Wrinkles

    Not all wrinkling is caused by the sun. Once 40 hits, most people begin to notice crow’s feet, deep forehead lines and more wrinkling around the mouth and nose. Botox is a wrinkle treatment that addresses deeper, more stubborn wrinkles to give people a more youthful appearance.

At Shafer Plastic Surgery in New York, we offer a variety of facial treatments that can repair the signs of aging, including Botox, laser resurfacing, Juvederm, Latisse and chemical peels. No matter what aesthetic issues you face, we can help you find a solution. To arrange a consultation, please call us at 212.888.7770.