In the past few years, plastic surgeons have noticed a substantial up-tick in the number of older patients seeking facial plastic surgeries. According to the Smart Beauty Guide, this trend indicates that older generations are using facial procedures to remain competitive in industries that value youth and energy.

Seniors and Plastic Surgery

You may imagine that ageism in the workplace is a problem of the past. Although it is no longer as apparent as it once was, older employees face ageism all the time.

Experts warn that posting jobs exclusively online may be a type of ageism. If the job is technology related, the idea of only accepting online applications seems fine, but jobs in other fields need to become more available to less tech-savvy individuals.

If you’re growing older but still proficient in computer skills, you may never get a chance to prove it. Studies show that hiring-managers, who don’t consider themselves discriminatory, routinely reject qualified applicants because of their age without even realizing it. If you’ve been having trouble finding employment, or just want a boost in confidence, a younger-looking face may help.

Ageism Hasn’t Disappeared, It’s Just Changed Forms

Job descriptions are using phrases like “energetic” and “up and comers” when they really mean “young.” Savvy, older workers are starting to take control of their careers by undergoing cosmetic surgeries that keep them looking youthful, relaxed and energetic.

They are flocking to two procedures in particular: facelifts and brow lifts. A facelift provides a great way for older people to refresh their appearance. If you are hoping for a more youthful look, a facelift may be the way to go. Planning a facelift in New York? Contact us!

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A Brow Lift Helps People Who Look Tired All The Time

When your brows start to droop, you may notice that you look tired even when you feel refreshed. This can affect how other people perceive your work ethic or ability. A brow lift provides a subtle yet attractive result that will leave you looking years younger and more alert.

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