You may have heard the term ‘organic’ before, probably at the grocery store. You know, those fruits and vegetables that are grown without any pesticides or harmful toxins? Well, the same concept applies to plastic surgery.

Organic Plastic Surgery

So what exactly is organic plastic surgery? Organic plastic surgery involves using a patient’s own fat to transfer into another area to add volume or definition. This method is most commonly used for breast augmentation, but can also be employed with the Brazilian Butt Lift, cheek augmentation, chin surgery, and even with Rhinoplasty. The treatment is unlike traditional plastic surgery in the sense that there are no implants involved. The only factor involved in the surgery is the patient’s own fat, so the results are as natural, or ‘organic’, as possible. This also reduces the chances of a patient rejecting an implant or complications during surgery. Since the fat that’s taken is transferred to another area of choice, there’s no risk to the patient’s health or well-being.

When a patient comes in looking to have organic surgery, they will begin with a consultation. At our center, Dr. David Shafer, our New York plastic surgeon, first evaluates the individual and determines if they are a viable candidate for the treatment. If so, then the treatment consists of Dr. Shafer extracting the fat cells using a miniscule cannula from an area on the body where they are not wanted, such as the abdomen or thighs, purifying them, then injecting them using a small syringe into the area of choice.

There is barely any downtime associated with this type of plastic surgery and virtually no incision marks or scars. Most patients who have a fat transfer to the breasts, buttocks or any other area can be back at work within the same week and feel minimal – if any – discomfort. Because the treatment is performed under local anesthesia, there is also much less risk for the patient to experience complications from allergic reactions or other negative anesthesia side effects. Recovery time post-surgery is also reduced because the patient doesn’t have to come to and wait for the anesthesia to pass as would be the case with general anesthesia.

Organic plastic surgery is a great alternative for patients who are not as keen on having traditional implants, who prefer a more natural approach to surgery or who would like greater control over the amount of augmentation they desire. If you are interested in the fat transfer treatment, please contact our center in New York for more details and to determine if you are a good candidate