J.J. Watt may have taken aggression on the field a little too far this time. The 2012 Defensive Player of the Year has been through numerous injuries, including a deep gash on the bridge of his nose that required six stitches. Though a gash is a common injury for a football player, it seems Watt may soon be in need of plastic surgery for his nose after reopening the wound several times.

The nose injury occurred in Week 4, but each time Watt gets on the field, the wound reopened, and now, the Texan star is left with a permanent and not too appealing scar right smack in the middle of his face. Sure, he’s a guy and a top football player, so he shouldn’t care about a little old scar right? Wrong.

These days, men are just as concerned about their appearance as women, and since Watt is constantly in the limelight, attention is always drawn to his face. The scar can easily and quickly be corrected with plastic surgery, and he may even benefit from a full Rhinoplasty procedure if there is bone damage.

So is the 24-year-old defensive end thinking about the surgery? He sure is, but mostly at the request of his mother, he jokes. Watt told The Associated press that he’s looking into having plastic surgery to correct the damage from the injury after getting tired of his mom nagging him about it.

”She hates it,” joked Watt.

Sure, Watt may be joking now, but deep down, he may very well want the surgery for himself just as much as his mother may want it for him. The injury left not only a bright red scar on the top of his nose, but it also left an obvious indentation on his bridge. It wasn’t a small injury either. When it happened, Watt had to return to the sideline to stop his nose from bleeding profusely. Though he got stitches to close the wound, after the game, the wound was still in bad shape.

Two games later, Watt got more stitches for the wound but that still wasn’t enough to stop it from reopening and bleeding each time he played. Sick of getting stitches only to have them reopen, Watt decided to just let it be.

But should he just let it be? Plastic surgery can easily fix this problem, especially given the fact that aside from the cosmetic aspect of it, Watt admits the injury is “very painful.”

”We’ll see what happens,” said Watt. “If it doesn’t heal itself, then I will look into getting it fixed.”

Now that the season is winding down, he will have plenty of time to get it fixed. The surgery is relatively minor, especially if he turns to a top plastic surgeon. Here in New York, Dr. David Shafer performs countless cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries so he knows very well that a small injury left untreated can become a very big cause of concern.

It looks like Watt’s nose is reaching the point of no return, so he should consider getting some help so his nose can get back to looking as good as his defensive play.