Plastic surgery trends have often followed what’s popular in Hollywood. Here at Shafer Plastic Surgery, is not uncommon for us to hear about patients requesting treatments to resemble their favorite celebrities. Kate Middleton’s nose has been all the rage in the past few months, leading to a surge in Rhinoplasty requests in New York. Curvaceous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have also sparked an interest in Brazilian butt lift procedures for women who want to obtain the same sexy curves these Hollywood starlets flaunt.

But while different patients look to different celebrities as inspiration for their plastic surgery treatments, one woman is setting the hottest plastic surgery trend to date – Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama is revered for her amazing style, poised demeanor and charming personality, but it is another one of the First Lady’s features that is sparking the latest trend in plastic surgery and it’s not her choice of clothes, it’s her arms.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual report, released on Monday, upper arm plastic surgery has increased by over 4,000 percent in the past decade and this drastic growth is largely attributed to Michelle Obama’s fabulous arms.

The ASPS polled women to determine which celebrity they would most prefer to model their upper arm surgery after, and not surprisingly, the First Lady led the way, followed by Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Kelly RIpa, and Demi Moore.

These women are all constantly in the spotlight and all boast toned, sculpted upper arms, so it’s no wonder they would serve as inspiration for women seeking upper arm plastic surgery. In fact, these celebrities have been so inspirational that the number of women requesting upper arm plastic surgery has gone up by 4,378 percent since 2000, when only about 300 women had the treatment.

But why exactly is upper arm surgery so popular?

Unfortunately, Michelle Obama’s tight arms are a rare commodity, which is why so many women are turning to plastic surgery to correct problems in the upper arm area.

The upper arms are one of the most common areas in women where fat tends to accumulate and where skin can lose its natural elasticity. Several factors can lead to the dreaded ‘flabby arm syndrome,’ including significant weight loss, dehydration or age, but regardless of the cause, having loose skin in the arms is a source of constant stress and embarrassment for many women, especially here in New York. However, plastic surgery can correct this problem and help patients regain their confidence.

Upper arm surgery, also known as an arm lift or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that reduces excess skin and fat found between the underarm and elbow. An arm lift can treat the entire upper arm, improving the area’s overall appearance, and it can also treat specific areas in the arm where pockets of fat or loose skin tend to develop. Patients who do not have as much loose skin or fat to remove can opt for a mini arm lift instead, which involves much smaller incisions. Some patients can also opt to undergo liposuction in conjunction with the arm lift in order to reduce unwanted fat in the area. The result is optimal for patients looking for toned and sculpted arms like Michelle Obama’s.

Loose skin and excess fat in the upper arms can affect women of any age, but New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer can eliminate this problem for good. If you are one of the many women suffering from this embarrassing problem, you can say goodbye to your upper arm fat or excess skin with a New York Arm Lift treatment.

If you would like to experience the difference brachioplasty can make, schedule a consultation with Dr. David Shafer today to determine if you are an ideal candidate for a New York arm lift.