For many women, being comfortable with the shape and size of their breasts is just as important as feeling healthy overall. But due to small cup sizes or loss of bust from age, and with no natural remedies available, breast implants and breast lifts are frequent topics of discussion for patients wanting to increase their cup size. Both forms of surgery can offer attractive results, but understanding which one is ideal for you requires a professional consultation.

Breast Augmentation

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Breast Implants and Breast Lifts: The Difference

While the two may provide similar results, the processes are quite different. Breast implants involve the surgical placement of either saline or silicone underneath the breast tissue or the pectoral muscles. They can successfully improve size and firmness, and with regular checkups, patients can maintain the results without replacement.

It’s a common misconception that breast enhancement is only useful for increasing size. However, breast lifts are often performed to correct sagging and to provide a more symmetrical shape. Sometimes, the procedure is used in conjunction with breast-reduction treatments.

During the breast lift, a surgeon will correctively reconstruct and remove parts of the skin of the breast in order to raise the height of the nipple. The size of the areola can also be reduced if necessary. As WebMD reports, though it may be necessary to undergo a minor touch-up during the years following the procedure, most breast lifts will last a lifetime.

Deciding if Breast Implants or a Breast Lift Is Appropriate for You

Depending on the desires of the patient and the characteristics of her body, the ideal approach may involve breast implants, a breast lift or, in some cases, both. Smart Beauty Guide suggests candidates for the surgery should be in good health and maintain realistic expectations of what the surgery can provide.

Generally speaking, women who find their breasts are not a satisfactory size, have become smaller or do not fit their clothes the way they’d like might find a solution in one of these surgical options.

While scars from having breast implant surgery are usually discreet, scarring from a breast lifts is often noticeable when not wearing clothes. Breast lifts, however, tend not to result in difficulty breast-feeding.

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