With plastic surgery soaring in worldwide popularity, it’s only natural that people from certain areas will gravitate toward specific procedures. This often leads to entertaining news stories when other country’s cosmetic surgery preferences contrast our own.

For instance, Total Beauty reports that aesthetic palm surgery is growing very popular in Japan. Although we’d be hard-pressed to think of a single case of cosmetic palm surgery in the United States, Japanese culture’s reverence for palm reading draws younger people to the procedure.

Many believe that a negative palm reading can affect job prospects and the chance of finding a spouse, and some are taking the future into their own hands, literally, and opting to customize their palms–and their fates–with a quick surgery.

Total Beauty also examined the popularity in plastic surgeries based by state in the United States. The study examined the volume of search-engine hits by location. Of the residents in all 50 states, New Yorkers searched for Brazilian butt-lift procedures most often.

Buttock Augmentation Is Growing in Popularity Across the Nation

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, surgeons performed 16 percent more Brazilian butt-lift procedures in 2013 than they did in the previous year, making it the fastest growing surgery overall.

This procedure is fairly new and has quickly replaced butt implants and traditional butt lifts, which are both rapidly decreasing in popularity. This is because the Brazilian butt lift uses the patient’s own fat cells, and more people are interested in natural procedures than implants nowadays.

Fat transfer results can also last a life-time, so the curves will never disappear. This trend echoes a deeper cultural shift toward preferring curvier body types as opposed to the straight, thin model look.

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New Advances in Robotic Procedures Unlikely to Affect Plastic Surgery

It’s an exciting time in modern medicine as computer-assisted surgeries are taking over the industry. Machines, like the da Vinci, allow surgeons in certain fields to make incisions that are more precise and reduce the risk of human error.

Now, according to Omaha.com, NASA is experimenting with autonomous surgical robots that will accompany humans into space. The goal is to create a machine capable of performing surgery without any human aid.

Although this could be viable for some surgeries, plastic surgeons are not likely to adopt the machines, because plastic surgery requires an aesthetic component that is lost on a machine. This is why the best plastic surgeons are those who are artistically inclined.

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