For years, liposuction has led the way as the most popular cosmetic procedure in New York and with good reason. The benefits of lipo are endless. Not only can patients enjoy a slimmer, more contoured physique, but there are numerous health benefits as well, including decreased blood pressure and a lower chance of heart disease. Since both women and men can undergo liposuction in New York, it never fails to gain even more popularity in the city with each passing year.

Yet, there are some patients that are not ideal candidates for traditional tumescent liposuction or are afraid to undergo the treatment due to possible complications that might arise with general anesthesia. Although there are alternatives to traditional liposuction, some patients fear they will have to undergo an invasive procedure and instead, struggle with stubborn fat that is resistant to both diet and exercise.

However, these New York residents don’t have to suffer with excess fat any longer. New York cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Shafer, offers a revolutionary liposuction treatment that is both safer than traditional lipo and produces exceptionally greater results. The treatment is called SmartLipo™ Laser Body Sculpting Laserlipolysis.

The way SmartLipo works is simple. The treatment involves the use of a minimally invasive laser that targets and destroys stubborn fat cells, while leaving surrounding skin and cells unharmed. There are less side effects than with traditional liposuction and patients can enjoy a much faster recovery time. If SmartLipo is optimal for you, then Dr. Shafer will begin the treatment with a small incision – smaller than with traditional lipo – in the target area. A thin tube called a cannula will then be inserted into the area, containing a specialized laser fiber which will literally zap fat cells with light, liquefying them and destroying them permanently.

Because of the small cannula and innovative technique, SmartLipo is considered a minimally invasive procedure and can be carried out using local anesthesia. This allows the patient to remain awake during the entire treatment and promotes faster recovery, without the added possible complications of general anesthesia. Because the laser allows blood vessels to coagulate immediately following the destruction of the fat cells, patients also experience less bleeding and bruising.

What truly sets SmartLipo apart from other fat loss procedures is the fact that the laser’s energy actually tightens skin as the fat is removed. While other liposuction treatments may leave some sagging skin behind, requiring patients to undergo further surgery and complications to remove the excess skin, SmartLipo interacts with the dermis, promoting collagen shrinkage. The result is tighter, more youthful skin to go along with a slimmer physique.

Recovery time for SmartLipo New York patients is much shorter as well. Unlike other liposuction treatments offered in the city, SmartLipo allows patients to return to work within one or two weeks after the surgery. In about a month, patients will be able to show off their newly slim, tighter bodies, increasing their self esteem and self confidence.

To see if SmartLipo is a smart choice for you, contact New York plastic surgeon, Dr. David Shafer, today to schedule a consultation.