A number of factors contribute to signs of aging and wrinkling. Gravity, sun exposure, stress and genetics all play a role in how the face changes over the course of a lifetime.

While there are some who consider aging to be a sign of beauty, many people are unsatisfied or even disappointed with the condition of their faces, especially during their later years. Sometimes, wrinkling and sagging skin can give the false impression that someone is angry or tired all the time. Fortunately, although you may not be able to control the factors that cause aging, it’s never been easier to rejuvenate your youthful appearance.

Cosmetic surgery can offer relief from these problems. One of the most common procedures to reverse the signs of aging and stress on the face is a brow lift. This is often performed in conjunction with what is known as blepharoplasty—or an “eyelid lift.”

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Is a Brow Lift Right for You?

Patients who want to restore a fresh, youthful appearance by reducing wrinkling and sagging skin might find that a brow lift is the answer to their problems. According to the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery, the procedure lasts approximately 2 hours or less, and it often has a healing period of up to 2 weeks. Patients in good health with realistic expectations benefit from the rejuvenated appearance that a brow lift can offer.

What’s Involved in a Brow-Lift Procedure? What Can You Expect?

How a brow lift is performed depends entirely on the patient’s desires and the condition of his or her skin. After a thorough consultation with a surgeon, a few different options will likely be presented.

The length and area of the incision is a key difference between brow-lift methods. The surgery can also alter the hairline of the patient, resulting in a more balanced and structured appearance.

Depending on the surgical method and the location of the incision, the risk of scarring is generally quite low. The usual post-surgical swelling and bruising is likely to appear, all of which can be treated with a cool compress and other aides prescribed by the doctor. If the surgery has been performed alongside a blepharoplasty, recovery time might be slightly longer.

After the area has healed and any stitches removed, or dissolved if biodegradable, patients can enjoy the benefits of a rejuvenated look. As Smart Beauty Guide describes, patients may notice a “happier, friendlier and more approachable” appearance.

Dr. Shafer Can Help You Achieve a Natural, Youthful Image

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