It’s already been a few weeks since the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, but while millions of people around the country tuned in to watch the game, a lot of eyes were focused on something else altogether – Beyoncé’s nose.

The R&B singer, wife to Rap star Jay-Z and new mother of baby girl Blue Ivy , took the stage during the game’s halftime show and debuted some new dance moves, along with what appears to be a new nose. Although the starlet has yet to confirm or deny the rumors, the difference in her appearance is pretty significant.

Looking back at photos of Beyoncé over the years and comparing them to her Super Bowl look, it seems as though the 31-year-old underwent a pretty extensive nose reshaping surgery. Her nose looks much narrower now and the tip is much more refined than it previously was.

A few years back in 2004, Beyoncé was at the center of Rhinoplasty rumors as well, but the most recent change is unmistakable. Her past transformations were slightly more subtle, leading many to dispel the rumors as fake. However, there is a drastic difference in the shape and size of Beyoncé’s new nose that lead many to even wonder when the starlet even had the time to recover. Although healing time after a nose reshaping surgery can be as fast as 10 days, for someone who is always in the public eye like Beyoncé, it’s hard to hide the swelling and bruising that come with even the most minor of surgeries.

If she didn’t allow her nose the proper time to heal, which may include having to wear a cast for a few days, she may have to undergo a reconstructive rhinoplasty treatment in the near future.

Some argue that the difference in looks is just due to some clever makeup contouring, but to the more trained eye of an experienced plastic surgeon, it certainly seems as though the change was a permanent one following rhinoplasty surgery. Photos of the singer from several angles show a slimmer nose that makeup won’t really be able to create. At this point, it’s all a guess, but time will tell whether Beyoncé admits to having a nose job or not.

There are celebrities who are more forthcoming about their cosmetic surgeries, while some will try to deny they’ve had any work done. Some stars like Ashley Tisdale, Joan Rivers, Tori Spelling, and nearly all the Jackson clan have been candid about their Rhinoplasty treatments.

Whether the surgery is to correct a deviated septum, improve the symmetry of the nose, or change its size and shape, rhinoplasty is a surgery that can completely transform someone’s life for the better – cosmetically and health-wise. The nose is the center of attention; the first thing that stands out from your face. Although some people are born with exceptionally good genes, the vast majority of others are not quite as lucky. Rhinoplasty can create harmony between the nose and face, correct any natural defects in the nose including bone and cartilage issues, and help improve the individual’s self esteem.

As trends in plastic surgery change, facial cosmetic treatments are rising in popularity, and nose reshaping is right up there. Here in New York, we have seen the number of patients seeking rhinoplasty drastically increase over the years, possibly with the help of Beyoncé, who is a NYC resident herself.

The procedure is fairly quick, lasting anywhere from one to three hours and recovery time can be as short as a little over a week. Although it can take a few months for swelling to fully decrease if the surgery was extensive, patients can return to work within a week or so.

If you have considered getting Rhinoplasty, contact New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer today to discuss the best approach to the procedure