Each year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons compiles a list of statistics regarding cosmetic surgeries, as well as the industry itself. The media tends to focus on the overview of the report, discussing the top five most popular procedures or examining the change in the industry as a whole. However, the statistics offer a much more detailed look at the industry.

For instance, the top five procedures change dramatically if you isolate certain age ranges. It’s interesting to look at the trends for each age group to see how younger people select cosmetic surgeries versus patients who are a little older.

Of course, there are surgeries that benefit people at any age. At Shafer Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of procedures, and we maintain a very diverse patient group. We offer everything from facial plastic surgeries and body-contouring procedures to reconstructive surgeries and skin treatments.

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Young Patients Are Interesting In Optimizing Natural Features

According to the ASPS report, teenagers only make up about 4 percent of the total patient population. That translates to about 63,000 procedures each year, though, so they’re not an insignificant population in terms of cosmetic surgery. Daily Mail reports that the ears and nose stop growing at different times between the ages of 13 and 19, so it’s no surprise that the two most popular procedures for this age group are otoplasty, or ear surgery, and rhinoplasty, which is nose reshaping.

Similarly, by their early 20s, women’s breasts have fully matured, leading many to consider a breast augmentation, which is the most popular procedure for people aged 20 to 29. Weight-loss procedures, such as liposuction and abdominoplasty are also popular because younger patients can take advantage of their skin’s elasticity throughout their 20s.

Middle-aged Patients Choose Both Body And Facial Cosmetic Surgeries

People who are between the ages of 40 and 54 account for more than one-third of the total number of patients in the United States. The statistics demonstrate that this demographic is young enough to still have an interest in body procedures, such as breast augmentation and liposuction, but old enough to have some interest in eyelid surgery, which is the most-requested procedure for that age group.

Older Patients Almost Exclusively Choose Facial Procedures

Patients over the age of 55 request about half of the country’s cases of eyelid surgery. For this age group, procedures like liposuction and breast augmentation don’t even rank in the top five most popular. Instead, older patients look to facelifts, forehead lifts and dermabrasion.

Not surprisingly, nose reshaping appears in the top five most-requested procedures for every age group, because it’s a simple but effective procedure no matter the age of the patient.

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