Neither Kim Kardashian nor her mother, Kris Jenner, are strangers to plastic surgery procedures. Kim has always been fond of Botox and her mother has undergone a few more invasive procedures, including a face lift and breast augmentation. But in the wake of giving birth to baby North West, has Kim decided to go against the wishes of her fiancé, Kanye West and get an invasive procedure after all?

Mother-Daughter Surgery

A few days ago, Shafer Plastic Surgery reported on how Kanye West was completely against Kim getting any kind of invasive surgery. Though he doesn’t mind the Botox and more minimal procedures, his mother, Donda West, died from complications with a cosmetic procedure, so he’s pretty scared the same might happen to Kim. And though Kim was interested in liposuction after giving birth, she decided not to have the procedure after all to honor her boyfriend’s wishes.

However, Kim and Kris were spotted on Nov. 13 at a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery and skincare center. Could the pair have gotten mother-daughter plastic surgery together?

Both Kim and Kris looked as though they were glowing when they left the clinic. But when paparazzi asked them if they had any work done, neither of the ladies said a word. They just kept walking as if nothing happened. But knowing very well this due isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, perhaps Kim had a change of heart after all and did have the surgery she promised Kanye she wouldn’t have. Or, maybe mom and daughter just got some Botox. The world may never know.

Kim has yet to show signs of going under the knife for a serious procedure. After all, if she had liposuction or a tummy tuck on Wednesday, she would have definitely been a little more prudent about going out in public. But these are, after all, the Kardashians we are talking about. There’s no telling what they might do to surprise us.

Kim once told Now magazine that though it is a common misconception that she has gone under the knife, she hasn’t had any plastic surgery….yet. To prove the world wrong, she even dedicated an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to proving her buttocks was real. She got X-rays and everything to show there were no implants.

But the reality TV starlet has never been opposed to trying more invasive procedures in the future. Perhaps the future is already here and we don’t even know it. Ever since she started dating Kanye, Kim has been a lot more private about her life. Either way, whether she decides to have plastic surgery or not, Kim looks great and should be proud to show off her curvy physique.