Last month, we found out Marilyn Monroe had plastic surgery. This month, we find out that X-rays confirming the fact that the blonde bombshell went under the knife were sold at auction for…drum roll…a whopping $25,600. Yep, you heard right. A fan spent thousands on the starlet’s X-rays, but what’s really more shocking, the fact that the fan paid so much for the images or the fact that Monroe had plastic surgery in the first place?

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Since she made her way into America’s hearts, Marilyn Monroe has been revered as one of the most beautiful women who ever walked the face of the earth. Many admired her curves and believed she was the epitome of “perfection,” but recently, we learned that beauty that spectacular wasn’t something that happened naturally. Instead, Monroe’s striking features were the result of a talented plastic surgeon.

Six X-rays and doctor’s notes from Hollywood surgeon Michael Gurdin were uncovered last month, proving Monroe had cosmetic work done. The documents show that Monroe had a chin implant and Rhinoplasty in the 1950s. Monroe used the alias Joan Newman for both surgeries.

The chin implant surgery appears to have been sought by Monroe after complaining of an alleged “chin deformity” she suffered following an accident. She had a cartilage implant put in when she was 24. Dr. Gurdin’s notes also show that Monroe had a “tip Rhinoplasty” as well.

The documents are pretty detailed, even documenting the fact that Monroe had an ectopic pregnancy in 1957. Dr. Gurdin kept her secret for quite some time, but recently decided to hand over the X-rays and notes to Julien’s Auction to be sold and here we are, $25,600 later.

The items were auctioned off as part of the agency’s “Icons and Idols: Hollywood” sale, and also included memorabilia from other celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Andrews, and Princess Diana. However, Monroe’s were definitely the most unique.

Apparently, the revelation that one of America’s most “natural” stars had plastic surgery isn’t as shocking as we might have thought. Probably because these days, there’s no stigma associated with cosmetic enhancement as there was during Monroe’s time. Now, people of all ages, women and men, are getting treatments from liposuction to breast augmentation to calf implants and aren’t afraid to admit it. Perhaps if Monroe had been living in the 21st Century, she would have been more forthcoming about her surgeries.

But while some fans may be feeling a bit deceived, the revelation just shows that Monroe, whose real name was Norma Jean, was really just your average girl next door just trying to look her best in a time when stereotypes called for women to look – and act – a certain way. Plastic surgery has always helped people look as good on the outside as they do within, and Monroe certainly had no problem with self-confidence.

Perhaps now that the cat’s out of the bag, more people will try to seek Monroe-inspired surgeries. Shafer Plastic Surgery’s own Dr. David Shafer has already seen plenty of patients come in with a desire to resemble their favorite celebs, and Monroe is definitely one of those people who will always go down in history as being an inspiration.