As people age, fat cells begin to lose their firmness, causing skin to unattractively sag in the face, buttocks and thighs. It is ironic, in many ways, that fat—which many have sought to remove through diet, exercise and surgery—may be the key to attaining a beautiful and youthful image.

By the time people reach their 40s and 50s, they begin to notice the aesthetic toll as fat cells either expand or contract. Fortunately, there are options to rejuvenate a youthful look. Through a combination of liposuction and a procedure commonly known as fat transfer, fat cells can be reassigned to different parts of the body in order to restore a person’s image.

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Reassigning Fat Cells

Fat cells are stored throughout the entire body. In some locations, these cells retain their firmness in ways they do not on the face or buttocks.

These areas are isolated and used for the collection of more stable and reliable fat cells for use in the fat-transfer operation. In order to extract the more desirable and youthful fat cells, a process very similar to liposuction takes place.

Depending on the patient’s body and weight, the area often targeted for extraction is the abdomen. This usually involves a local or general anesthetic, depending on how much fat is being removed.

A tube is inserted into the body, where it will break up the fat cells using one of a few different techniques. The fat is then drawn out of the area to be processed and prepped for insertion in a different area.

The Fat-Transfer Process

Once the fat cells are ready, they will be relocated by means of a small incision, which is tiny and unnoticeable after the procedure. This step can be thought of as the reverse of liposuction, introducing new fat cells to a needed area of the body.

These cells can be introduced virtually anywhere the patient wishes to achieve a more youthful and vibrant look; the face, buttocks and thighs are among the most popular. According to Smart Beauty Guide, this procedure is also effective for reversing the effects of scaring and skin depressions.

After Surgery

Patients can experience a more firm, youthful and—most importantly—natural look after the procedure. Since the fat cells are sourced from the patient’s own body, there is no risk of allergic reaction since the body willingly accepts its own cells.

While there may be some normal post-surgical swelling and bruising, the results are long lasting and look great. According to Fox News, recent developments in the field of fat transfer, which include the added use of patient-derived stem cells, have resulted in a retention rate greater than 80 percent.

Patients are also advised to maintain their weight through a healthy diet and exercise. Putting on extra pounds may have undesirable results as the fat cells have been relocated to a different area of the body.

Fat transfer is a safe and effective way to retain the youthful and vibrant image lost to aging. It is one of the most natural forms of youthful rejuvenation as no synthetic materials are introduced into the body. If you’re interested in achieving the type of results fat transfer can provide, don’t hesitate to contact our New York City office at 212.888.7770.