Kim Kardashian post-pregnancy body has been the topic of debate for several months. It’s only been five months since she gave birth to baby North West with fiancé, rapper Kanye West, but the 33-year-old starlet is shutting down any rumors she’s had plastic surgery to get back into shape.

We’ve heard rumors that Kim actually wanted a Mommy Makeover after having North, which would have included liposuction and a tummy tuck, but changed her mind after Kanye asked her not to have any surgical procedures. Kanye’s mother died from complications with a surgery of her own, and he was afraid something similar might happen to Kim.

But these days, complications with any plastic surgery treatment are extremely rare. It’s important to always work with an experienced doctor who will make your needs and your safety a top priority, and Kim, as well all know, only works with the best.

Yet, while we sit here and gawk at her toned, trim body, we’re amazed to even know Kim had a baby. Most women don’t attain such a dramatic drop in pregnancy weight so soon after giving birth, which is why it’s hard to believe Kim didn’t stealthily have lipo or some other fat loss procedure without Kanye getting wind of it.

But even though Kim is a fan of Botox and other procedures, she’s now turning to Twitter to set the rumors straight. According to the reality TV star, she did not have any plastic surgery.

“I am very frustrated today seeing reports that I got surgery to lose my baby weight!” tweeted Kim on Wednesday in response to cosmetic surgery allegations.

A source claims Kim saw a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills to get “fillers, stretch-mark treatments and a fat-reducing ultrasound procedure,” but the Armenian beauty says the rumors are false.

“I worked so hard to train myself to eat right & healthy, I work out so hard & this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!!” Tweeted Kim.

Should we believe her? She did lose over 50 pounds in five months. Sure, 50 pounds in five months is doable, but when you have a newborn to take care of and countless public appearances, not to mention a clothing line to run, what new mother has time to hit the gym that hard?

So then how did Kim lose the weight? According to the new mom, it was with the help of the Atkins diet and hiking with family and friends.

“I just started going on hikes with different family members, with my boyfriend, with anyone that would go on hikes with me … and it worked.”

Well, good for you Kim, but this may not be the end of the debate. Kim has said in the past that she isn’t opposed to getting some work done at some point in the future. Maybe that day has yet to come, but if she follows in her mom, Kris Jenner’s, footsteps, the future may be a lot closer than we think.