Being comfortable in one’s own body is an important part of living a happy and healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to look his or her best, which is why fad diets and exercise programs are so popular. For many, however, these approaches just can’t achieve the look they desire, so they turn to cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction Fat Transfer

When it comes to shaping the body, two of the most popular options available are liposuction and fat transfer. It’s important to understand what these are and what they can do before making a decision. As with any surgery, it’s vital to consult a trusted doctor who can help you assess the available options and develop a plan to achieve your goals.

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Reasons to Consider Liposuction or Fat Transfer

As Medical News Today reports, experts in the field of cosmetic surgery generally agree that liposuction is an effective solution for removing fat from unresponsive areas of the body. It’s also a suitable option for treating benign, fatty tumors, as well as disproportionate fat, including breasts in men.

The process should never be used as a solution for extreme weight loss; patients who already struggle with obesity should discuss other methods of controlling their weight with a doctor. In order to maintain results and prevent complications, the ideal liposuction patient should already practice a healthy lifestyle.

Fat transfer is an excellent option for those looking to fill out areas of their body that have lost their youthfulness—usually due to age. Like liposuction, the surgeon extracts fat cells from specific areas of the body and transfers them to desired areas, such as the face, hips or buttocks. While similar results are often gained from synthetic implants, fat transfer is typically a safer option since the cells are sourced from the patient directly—eliminating the chances for allergic reactions.

What You Can Expect From Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Liposuction offers a safe and effective way to get rid of stubborn, undesirable fat on the body. Results are long lasting since fat cells, which do not replicate, have been removed. Also, liposuction is not a suitable treatment for cellulite or stretch marks.

Studies have shown fat transfer to have a successful retention rate, largely due to the fat cells being from the patient’s own body. Many surgeons report a distinct difference in the appearance of areas treated with fat transfer versus synthetic implants. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, patients report the procedure offers more natural, firm and youthful results.

Making the Decision, Speaking With a Surgeon

Cosmetic surgery can offer wonderful benefits, but it’s a decision best made after a thorough discussion with a trusted, qualified doctor. Both liposuction and fat transfer are safe and effective means to achieve a desired body image that works well with an existing healthy lifestyle.

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